BlackFog Privacy Pro 2.6 For Mac Torrent

BlackFog Privacy protects your privacy by blocking data profiling in real time so that you will not be followed as you browse the web. It protects your computer from prying eyes and ensures your Mac is safe. By removing adware and cleaning your computer, you can significantly reduce the chance of infection. Recover from a browse hijack using the cleaning feature to remove adware from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Remove Forensic data from your browser, including browser history, caches, cookies and private database.

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BlackFog Privacy

BlackFog Privacy is effectively multiple products in one and includes:

  • Adblocker
  • Adware cleaner
  • Privacy cleaner
  • Disk cleaner

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The main interface consists of a dashboard with several charts and icons showing you the state of various parts of your system. The toolbar also allows easy access to preferences and other functions such as Privacy Clean, Log and reload.


BlackFog Privacy protects you from both data and identity theft by blocking malware and spyware collecting information on your device.

It reduces the risk of infection from hackers by eliminating the attack surface area by more than 200%


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Download BlackFog Privacy Torrent

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