Haven Moon Mac Torrent

Haven Moon Mac Torrent Crack Free Download. Haven Moon is a curious game which will transport you to a mysterious world where you have to explore abandoned islands and solve their secrets to find a treasure. This is a Myst-like puzzle game in which you have to use your senses and intelligence to find your way through secret passages and curious machinery.

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Haven Moon Mac Torrent

Haven Moon Mac Theme:

The story or theme of this game is very interesting. You are teleported to Seleos, the moon of the planet Menra. In front of you, a metal box opens, and you find a note from Ektor Turren, inside the box. Ektor Turren, the only survivor of a cataclysmic event that destroyed his world. In his note, he tells about his wish to leave you the treasure that he accumulated during his whole life. From that curiosity begins, and you’ll  have to explore the islands on Seleos to discover who was Ektor Turren and what happened to him and to his world, where to find the treasure and how to go back home with it.


The game is based on observation, exploration, listening, intelligence and problem-solving. With the story help, you’ll have to solve puzzles in order to reach the end of this adventure. The puzzles are neither too hard nor too easy, just like the length of the adventure is neither too long nor too short. You can take all the time you want to explore and solve the puzzles.

Being the moon-based treasure hunting, Haven Moon is now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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Some prominent characteristics are:

High-quality graphics:

Haven Moon is high-quality 3D real-time graphics, offering complete freedom of movement in a realistic environment.

High-quality original soundtrack:

To bring a fantastic mood and beautiful emotions to the game, Hollywood composer Leo J. Russlan composed a wonderful cinematic music for Haven Moon

A game for everyone:

Haven Moon is a tranquil game dedicated to reflective thinking. Anyone can play easily. It’s a solitary place where you hear the sounds of the sea, the wind, and the beautiful music as well. You have all the time to solve various puzzles which you want to explore.

Download Haven Moon Mac Torrent Crack 

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